Our product portfolio includes but not limited to price optimization, product review management, keyword management, optimal category detector and various other performance boosting analytic tools. The great value we provide is that all our products are linked together via machine intelligence and make smarter decisions as well as offer valuable actionable insights to the marketplace merchants.

Category Insights

There are thousands of subcategories in which sellers can list their products. Detecting the right category is highly correlated to search visibility and thus profitability. If you are not in the right category as a seller, no matter how much you lower product price or invest in advertising, it will be very difficult to drive traffic.

Review Insights

If you are selling on Amazon, the most customer centric online marketplace, you must cater your product to customer interests. One of the most important ways to do so is to manage customer reviews effectively.

Seller`s Suite

Whipdata has you covered with additional suite of products. Product review management, Keyword management and Brand visibility will help you make strategic decisions and gain greater advantages on Amazon.