Brand Visibility

With the help of our Brand Visibility product, you can easily see your brand’s as well as others’ product visibility on Amazon marketplace. You not only get instant real time data but also have an option to keep track of your visibility on selected keywords. We provide valuable insights that will help gain different perspectives, develop smarter strategies and further boost your visibility on Amazon. It is extremely important to see where you stand with your product portfolio.

Explore brands and

see who is dominating

Enter your keyword and see who gets more visibility and where you stand with your products.

Track your visibility

You can keep track of your visibility on keywords of your choice.

Visibility tracking is a critical component when developing strategies on a product or a portfolio of products.

Approach from different perspectives

It is important to look at things from different perspectives. Our extension can also help you conduct product research and discover opportunities, analyze product placement distribution among brands as well as explore advertisement opportunities.


Brand Visibility extension provides you with several metrics to analyze. You can see how many of your ASINs appear in the first 5 pages as well as the proportion between your organic and sponsored products. It also shows keyword ranking of each ASIN, so you can make comparisons among them and your other similar ASINs that do not show up in the first 5 pages on Amazon.


Who are my competitors? What type of products they have? Who are being more aggressive on the sponsored ads side? Are there any specific dominant brands? Do I have a strong visibility on this keyword? Brand visibility extension can answer all these questions facilitating your competitor analysis.


Being able to see the brands and type of products that appear in the first 5 pages on Amazon can inspire and help you with your product differentiation as well as your new product ideas. Brand Visibility extension can provide you with many actionable insights depending on how you perceive the information presented to you and how you turn this into your advantage.