Orchestrator algorithmic repricer allows you to capture more sales without giving up your margins. We offer different repricing strategies aligning with your sales strategy. You might want to target sales, or profit or would like to include sponsored ads costs when targeting sales or profit – we have you covered. Additionally, incubator strategy gives you a flexibility to have more control on the price allowing you to test your products at pre-determined different price levels and durations.


Quickly view your reprice strategies and analyze both on strategy and SKU level. Our advanced filtering options allow you to drill down into details and help you gain actionable insights.

Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics helps you quickly analyze your SKUs performance – orders, sales, profit – in accordance with SKUs price history and allows you to better analyze SKU performance on a price level. Both charts and price level performance table offer great insights to facilitate critical decisions.

Performance Analytics

If you would like to deep dive into the data, performance analytics tool is a great fit for you. It offers advanced filters, customizable multi-layer grouping options and includes almost all metrics Amazon has to offer. You can analyze performance on both SKU and category levels helping you gain different perspectives on your portfolio and make better decisions.